Drop it like it's lukewarm

Selected illustration work / artist flea markets
2013 - 2016

Scanned, 2013

DILIL is an alias under which I made illustrations while living in Mumbai. Starting off as a blog, eventually I participated in two art flea markets and created a line of textile products as well as many illustration series.

Drop it like its lukewarm @ Junta Art Sale, Mumbai 2015. An exhibition of 15 selected emerging artists in Mumbai. Jointly hosted by Junta and Kitsch Mandi.

Bananas, 2015

Leafhands, 2015

Unsure & sleepy (left) Less unsure (right), 2015

Sketches, 2016

Collage with WIRED magazine, 2016

Color fun, 2016

Dream Lady, 2014

Doodles, 2017

Drop it like its lukewarm @ Kitsch Mandi, Mumbai 2014

Bombay bits, 2013 / read more City Icons Like The Asiatic Library Captured With These Quirky Postcards

Learn the alphabet, 2016

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