Continental Psychoanalysis: Self, Culture & Society

Mumbai / Dubai / Beirut

Proposed visual identity for an online course

FOR / AT :

Bombay Institute of Critical Analysis and Research


Graphic designer

Continental Psychoanalysis is an academic track at the Bombay Institute of Critical Analysis and Research BICAR, taught by Rohit Goel. Consisting of three modules Self, Culture and Society, the course aims to give students "a foundational, comprehensive understanding of Freud’s oeuvre in its historical making, foregrounding splits and alliances in an emergent psychoanalytic critical epistemic community in 20th century Europe. Each module  also considers Jacques Lacan’s open systematic rendering of Freud’s discoveries in radical conversation with those of Descartes, Kant, Hegel, Saussure, Jakobson, and, ultimately, Marx." [source: BICAR website]

I was hired to design the visual identity for the programme, however the design I created were not accepted by the client. Eventually they went in another direction with the identity, but these images are still kind of nice.

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