an application to encourage political participation among young people of Estonia

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Estonian Art Academy


UX Designer

The Interaction Design Tomorrow workshop at Eesti Kunstiakadeemia (Estonian Academy of Arts) summer school was a week-long course where a diverse set of designers congregated to tackle issues such as food waste, political awareness, and participatory democracy. The workshop was led by Haig Armen, head of IxD at Emily Carr University of Art & Design.

Our team collected data through interviews with people aged between 14 and 25, which led to the creation of an interactive tool enabling direct citizen participation in government policy-making. We called it Hääl, which means voice or vote in Estonian. Hääl is a space where Estonian citizens
can strengthen community by raising, following and supporting greivances at a personal, local or national level.

Design team_Katre Purga / Marili Ruus / Timo Teit / Reishabh Kailey / Iacopo Cariboni / Workshop by_Haig Armen

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