Occupy Earth

Lichen terrarium / Projection mapping / Student exhibition / Situated ecology
August 2018 - March 2019
Excerpts from exhibition catalogue prodcued by Marjolein van der Loo
I spent about seven months researching and artistically engaging with the lichen Cladonia Rangiferina. There was a collaborative research phase - with students from Parsons University, New York - that lasted about three months and was followed by individual production. The research months consisted of discussions, reading, watching and thinking about ecology, the role of artists, ideas about control, and ecological relationships inhabited by humans and non-humans. 
Research outcome - the layered significance of Reindeer lichen
An increasing fascination with glass jars and through some gardening tutorials, I learned how to make tiny terrariums. Aiming to keep the lichen alive, I made 7 experimental terrariums to test the ideal conditions suited for their survival. Terrariums usually consist of some gravel, a layer of activated carbon and some form of soil/substrate. After much adjusting of different factors like air, water and microbes, an almost ideal solution was to just leave the terrariums out in the snow, which preserved the lichen perfectly.
Exhibit at Occupy Earth exhibition
Setting up for the exhibit
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