Infragraphy Vol 2


Student publication / Essay / Contemporary art / Circuit bending / Inequality

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Aalto Medialab


Author, Graphic Designer

from Samir Bhowmik's blog post: INFRAGRAPHY Volume 2. is a compilation of critical student artworks and short essays dealing with the materialities of media technologies and their environmental implications. These works and texts are the outcomes from the course ‘Media and the Environment’ in the Fall of 2019 at the Department of Media, Aalto University. The course was a series of scholarly readings about and around the themes of media including media’s relations and impacts on the so-called Anthropocene, thermocultures of media, ecologies of fabrication, media and plastics, Internet of Things, Planned Obsolescence, e-waste, and media’s energetic landscapes. A key approach of the course was also introducing artistic methods and practices that could address emerging media materialities. The final exhibition of the course was a collection of student artworks as a response to the contemporary discourse of political economy of media and related environmental implications.

Editor_Samir Bhowmik | Authors_Gurden Batra, Ameya Chikramane, Punit Hiremath, Eerika Jalasaho, Reishabh Kailey, Leo Kosola, Kevan Murtagh, Surabhi Nadig, Takayuki Nakashima, Julia Sand, Liisi Soroush, Hanna Thenor Årström

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