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December 13, 2018

The following text has been co-written by the author and a predictive text A.I. [Voicebox by Botnik]. The text suggestions are from a corpus of art school course descriptions, collected manually and fed into the online keyboard which runs the predictive text algorithm - generating a new course catalogue:

DAW - 00976
Sensory students.

Students will familiarise themselves with different approaches within digital futures. Existential differences between various digital fabrication methods are discussed during discussions. During this workshop, participants will engage with electronics like robotics, computer, Skype, diffusers, etc.

Through fictional disciplines beyond contemporary society, discussions related to environmental recordings will also be introduced. After completing this workshop, social phenomenon under various artificial scenarios is enhanced.

DAW - 59376
Knowledge tropes and artistic regulation.

During discussions based on significant teachers, artistic expression of different theories relating to people's phenomenology will be done. Vandals will also be presented at Aalto. Completion of the exercises will involve cruel possibilities, dissemination of skin and media workshops. Knowledge of sustainable philosophy methods is required.

Assessment criteria will be presented as a philosophical aspect of the project. After having completed the emotions of orientalism, we will also be able to pay attention to workers. Specific focus is on screenprinting sessions with other countries.

Existential differences between various digital fabrication methods are discussed during discussions.

DAW - 99906
Specialized conclusions.

Master students understand different forms of organising culture. The course examines familiar forms of praxis. The aim is focused on artistic practices beyond perception. What kinds of stories have an effect on current practices related to contemporary material? Students develop awareness of their artistic processes and cultural identities behind which we live. They will also tackle culture industries through group presentations. 

DAW - 01023
Discourses in speculative intelligence.

Based on systematically deepening students, discussions related to alternative thinking methods are approached collaboratively. Whilst the artistic ability to create suspense in society is a tool, we unpack the context. By hegemonic intelligence and learning processes, students further develop unusual knowledge. Thinkers themselves provide technical coaching for independent intelligence. Registration is based partly on significant value systems and their uses.

They will also tackle culture industries through group presentations. 

DAW - 32985
Preliminary perception methods.

Lectures by artists working machines are happening. Spatiality in relation to traditional landscape painting is expected. The course examines contemporary artistic choices among people. The core element will be presented at various sites beyond curatorial strategies.

Exercises present situations that examine current trends in perception. They understand the context in public pedagogy and materiality. Knowledge is prepared around students to control them and freedom excursions are designed theoretically.

DAW - 00445
Activating participatory exoticism.

Lectures consist of moving objects within participants through practical assignments. You inquire about materials that will support alternative types of clay. You will understand historical trends in public storytelling and institutional moldmaking. Everyday aesthetics and cultural perceptions behind producing installations continue to apply. Non - art exercises involve hands on experimentation.

Non - art exercises involve hands on experimentation.
Knowledge of sustainable philosophy methods is required.
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background Photo by Susan Wilkinson on Unsplash