Frame Contemporary Art Finland is an advocate for Finnish contemporary art. They support international initiatives, facilitate professional partnerships, and encourage critical development of the field. During my part-time role as a Communications Officer at Frame (2021-2023) I specialised in communication strategy and digital presence for contemporary art projects such as Pilvi Takala's Close Watch at Venice Biennalie and the public program Rehearsing Hospitalities in Helsinki.

Communication strategy, digital marketing and graphic design for a cultural institution and advocate for Finnish contemporary art.

Frame Contemporary Art Finland

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The visual identity for Frame was designed by graphic designer Marina Veziko.

During my tenure there – in addition to my work in communication strategy and writing – I planned and produced visuals for digital marketing, internal communications, infographics and annual reports.

Images for social media–

Frame Turns Ten

To celebrate the tenth year of Frame’s existence, we designed and executed the Frame Turns Ten campaign. I designed a mini-identity and communications to be distinct, but also fit the larger visual identity. 

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Holiday greetings 2022

Holiday greetings 2021

Carbon Dioxide emissions statistics

Annual Reports

Excerpts from Annual Reports

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Photographs I made of the building with the new Frame office in Töölö –
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Communication Team: Laura Boxberg, Rosa Kuosmanen, Laura Jurmu, Stella Sironen. Visual identity: Marina Veziko